For Divination Skill Outfits how do you think

RS is a new activity With switchable look for men and women – inspired by divination experts FAIZAN Augour and its discovererJoseph , respectively – each diviner There are five pieces of equipment . Each piece gives you increased divination XP 1% rise, while the whole outfit its wear and equipment has increased by 1%. This is a chunky 6% experience boost your fortune XP!

This weekend , you’ll be more likely to win divination XP lights to further assist your training , as well as a new addition to the wealth of screaming – fallen stars.


Replacing pendants and recharge stones, fallen star can give you bonus XP, consume a large chunk of new projects in specific skills – while cultivating the skills to win as a percentage of the bonus to XP gain. You may even be lucky enough to pick up a fallen bright stars , which give more incentives Experience !

Do you have an improved chance of winning diviner equipment, divination and fortune XP fallen star from the first light on Friday at 00:00 on November GMT until Monday 11月4日23:59 GMT. They will not scream after wealth , but you’ve earned their chance will be greatly reduced.

Everyone has at least one rotation every day , and can earn more through the game . Click here to find out how. If you want to know more , you can in the game, or ” add spin ‘ buy spin here , by clicking through the redemption of bonds wealth interface scream.

Please note: Pendant now removed from the wealth of skills screaming . If you already have one of these items , you need to click it in your inventory storage requirements in which the bonus XP, to convert it into a cosmetic version in the process . If you have a prismatic or prismatic precious ornaments, you first need to click on it to choose what you want to convert it to skills. Once this is done , it can be pressed again to claim the bonus XP, as described above.

Recharge gems will also be deleted , and you can simply click once , and redeem bonus XP in your chosen skill. When eating , they do not yield beauty items .

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