About Runescape Vampire Slayer Quest

Teleport runes for Varrock and Falador/Lumbridge.Weapon, food and armour.Walkthrough

1. Get the Garlic
When you are in Morgan’s house, go upstairs. Open the cupboard and search it. You will get some Garlic. Talk with Morgan and ask about how you can kill the vampire and he will tell to you talk with a old friend, his name is Dr. Hallow.

2. Wooden stake
Teleport or go to Varrock. If you don’t have the Hammer, buy it in the General Store for 1gp, then head to Blue Moon Inn, located in the Southern part of Varrock. To get there, go to the main square on Varrock, then follow the road to the south until you see the pub, which is labelled with a beer icon. Buy some Beers before talking to Dr. Hallow. Give him a few Beers and talk to him. Just talk and talk until he gives you a wooden stake.

3. Killing the Vampire
You can now go back to Draynor. Before you go and attempt to kill the Vampire remember bring a HAMMER, the STAKE and GARLIC!!! Once you are ready go up to the Mansion. Go inside, walk through the door to the north before turning east. You should see the stairs that lead down. Now go down to basement and try to selling runescape gold open the coffin there. Count Draynor will appear and automatically attack you, dispatch him. Remember the stuff, and he will be easy. When you have defeated him, the quest is done. Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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