Can’t use displayfps on ubuntu

Hi, whenever I type Alt+` I get the Ubuntu window switcher instead of the blue console. Can there be another way of displaying FPS when using Ubuntu?

However, I’m surprised I can play html5 on Ubuntu lag less (lowest settings, highest draw distance).

I noticed Jagex changed the access to that blue console a few weeks/months ago. It’s been ` for a long time, now it’s alt+`. By the way, when I use Hikari’s Runescape app and use alt+`, Ubuntu still shows me a list of open windows but at the same time the app shows the blue console. It’s just the html5 version that does nothing on alt+`. But no way I’ll use the runescape gold java version on ubuntu, lol. it’s like <10 fps at all times on lowest settings.

I did some some searching on the internet and found a way to find ubuntu’s shortcuts, but alt+` wasn’t listed. So no way to disable it.Oh I hope it works. My (laptop) keyboard is german (qwerz) but I only use the US English (qwerty) layout (i got the english keyboard style in my head.when I change it to german layout it’ll work? How do i open the blue console on a german keyboard? Is it still alt+’ ? I’m on my smartphone right now, I’ll try it later

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