Completely rework the runescape NIS

Jagex please rework the new interface. I understand your team put a lot of effort into it, but it’s terrible. Please take the amazing ideas from the forums and make them happen. I’m considering quitting RS for the first time ever. There needs to be change…I’m stuck watching my friends quit one by one.

Previous forum post named “List of RS 3 Gold interface faults”

The best way Jagex can improve the NIS would be to examine the interfaces that are out there on other online games. They can then see just how good a customizable interface system can be, and how badly that the RS interface compares. The best one that I know of out there is on a game called… eh lets say it rhymes with… drift.

It seems like a waste of everyone’s time, both us players, and the Jagex folks working on the NIS to go through all the forums, all the posts and whatnot, when the wheel has already been invented. Just look at what other games have created for interface customising and learn from it.

The current RS interface is so limited and clunky compared to whats out there. What is worse is one great thing RS had that was better, has been eliminated. Yes, i’m talkin about the great feature we had that was referred to as split private.

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