Good Places to Train Attack

In Runescape, there are many monsters that you can train your attack on. The monster that you want to kill decides where to train at. You cannot first pick the place and then start fighting, because you might end up with a monster that is 40 levels above you. You need to train your attack on a monster that is of a low level, gives a fair amount of experience, and does not hit hard. I suggest fighting Goblins.

You can kill about six of them in the time it takes to kill a Minotaur. Almost every time, faster is better. Because if you can kill say, 10 of one monster that gives you 5 experience every time you kill it, as opposed to killing 2 of these monsters for only 15 each, your going to go with the Goblins. That’s 50 experience for the first monster, and only 30 for the second. This means more experience in the same amount of time.

More experience means faster levels, and I have not met a person who does not want to level up fast. In fact, most people cannot level up fast enough! A lot of people want all the rewards without the hard work, and that is why we have macros in Runescape. My advice is to find a good monster to train on, and just keep training. Yes, it will be boring, but in the end its worth it when you get to wield that Dragon Long Sword. Haha, Happy Playing!

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