Help adventurers out on their quests in Runescape

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One of the dankest areas in the whole of Gielinor, Lumbridge Swamp is home to all manner of pests, parasites and insects that want to buzz about and feast on juicy warriors who have accidentally stumbled upon it.

An enormous mass of unkempt land, Lumbridge Swamp is still home to a variety of characters that can help adventurers out on their quests. Keep in mind, though, that they don’t particularly want to live there. Anybody that lives in Lumbridge Swamp needs a good reason to do so…

The entire southern and south-westerly area of Lumbridge is swampland. Walking south, west or east through the swamp will bring you to the sea that cuts short the southern end of Misthalin. To get to Lumbridge, you can either walk around the wall that marks the northern edge of the swamp, or head north from the mining site in the south-east of the swamp to follow a path into Lumbridge graveyard.

North-west of the swamp is Draynor Village, which lies along the border with Asgarnia, though it remains a town of Misthalin. If you travel west along the coast from the swamp you will reach the long bridge that connects the Wizards’ Tower to the mainland.

Despite it being one of the dankest places in Gielinor, Lumbridge Swamp still offers plenty of adventure for travellers of all types. To the east and south-west are mines, for instance, which can issue treasure and challenges when players least expect it. The mine in the south-west has higher level ores to mine, and presents more of a challenge.

The entrance to the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon is deep inside the swamp, and is watched over by a canny salesman, who will exploit the naivety of unprepared explorers and try to sell them candles to navigate their way through the dark. The observant runecrafter will also be able to find the Water Altar within the mess of swamp plants in the area.

Father Urhney, an old hermit priest, lives in the west of the swamp, and can offer useful information when times are tough, despite his crabby nature. North of Father Urhney’s home is a camp of trackers in pursuit of their next adventure.

The empty shack in the swamp is not so empty: searching the shack may provide members with several useful gardening tools.Swamp tar spawns in various spots around the swamp.If you’ve lost the zombie head from the Hallowe’en event, you can dig up a new one in the swamp where the zombies were. See the Holiday Items Guide for more details.

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