Improvement for chat interface

An improvement on the chat system; having a slimmed down chat interface with only the tabs, filters and a central chat input that functions more like the Action Bar or Control Ribbon, and less like a chat window. Meanwhile, you’d have further customization of having one to several chat streams that are not locked in an obstructive interface, rather it displays simply as text on the screen.

Submit your ideas, here are some main points of my own:

-Remove the chat window in the current chat interface, leave only the chat tabs, filters and the chat input. The chat interface would simply be a hub for chat controls and inputs and not contain a chat window.

-Allow players to define placement and size of the different chat streams similar to the current split chat option. Even better, take this option out and allow it to be customizable from the respective chat tab located in the chat interface.

-Chat streams could be combined as the player wishes (e.g. Public and Friends chat in one stream, Private chat in a second stream, and Runescape Gold Game Messages in a third stream).

-Input all text into chat via a central chat input located on the chat interface. As opposed to the current system where each chat interface has its own chat input, taking up space.

-Use the current keyboard shortcuts to switch between chats (e.g. / or /f), the customizable interface shortcuts or the chat tabs to input text to desired stream. All streams will remain visible (unlike how currently if you were to type into a Friends chat, it’ll only show Friends chat, hiding the Public).

-Ability to hide/filter chat from the streams through the tabs/filters.

-Quick Chat options could be moved into the Game Dialog interface, or simply pop-up on screen in player-defined location.

-This system would be automatically click-through chat, so limit the chat options to be selectable only by clicking the player’s name, rather than their chat message; Add friend, Add Ignore, etc.

-Scroll bar can be made discrete, perhaps user-defined placement or left or right. As to avoid having it in center of gameplay area (dependent on where the stream is placed). If possible, make it invisible until mouse-over. It could potentially have an option to stay hidden at all times. The player could use a mouse wheel or Pg Up and Pg Dn while mouse is positioned over a portion of the stream (the left section where the names are displayed).

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