Moparscape Servers

Most of these copies of Runescape will have edited codes, so you will be able to do insane things, such as walking through walls. They will usually have a faster rate of experience points, easier levels, cheap weapons, and so on. This is useful for a lot of thieves, because they can take pictures of their players with dragon on in Moparscape and claim them to be real, and then try to sell them to people. Which breaks rule 6, no account sharing or trading. This is a great rule; it protects a lot of members from buying stolen accounts, and loosing their accounts to the ones they share to.

Another term for these hacked versions of Runescape is Runescape Private Servers. Keep in mind that no matter what they say, these are not linked with the real Runescape in any way. Jagex is suing the makers of every copy they find, but there are thousands, and a lot of them are not online all the time, as they are ran off of someone’s computer. Jagex wants these gone for many reasons, one being that a lot of these so called “Moparscape Downloads” are really just keyloggers.

Keyloggers are a type of computer virus that will “log” they keys you type and send them to the creator. Therefore, if you were to get one and type your Runescape username and password, they would instantly have it, and be able to hack your account. These are very dangerous, as they can get things like your credit card information. It really is not worth the effort of going out and risking getting a virus, just to use an illegal program. If you still think it is worth the risk, a simple Google search will do the trick.

So why are these illegal copies so full of people? Perhaps because they can have all the things they cannot in the real Runescape. So basically, Moparscape is for lazy people who wont work in the real Runescape. Think about it, level 126 with all stats 99, is it any fun? Sure, you will have a few minutes enjoying doing things, but everything is already maxed out! You cannot go PKing, because everyone else is the exactly the same. There is no point in getting money, because all the items are already there! In these copies, there is no point in playing. Personally, I have never even been on a Moparscape server, because to me, it looked boring. Why would I want to go to an illegal rip off of Runescape to have everything, when I can get it from hard work in the real thing? Its not like you can show off to noobs there, because everyone has the exact same thing. How to make moparscape servers?

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