Private chat prevents public

For the past 3 days I have had problems with using private chat to send a message and then this prevents me from openning public chat again.
Also when I log into lobby none of my chat shows up in either fc or cc
Does anyone else have the same issue?
All these weeks after nis was introduced and we are still suffering friggin bugs.
Seriously getting tired and fed up with all the bugs no doubt like many others.
Come on jagex for christ sake please fix some of these, its rediculous.
It makes trying to get used to a new system horrible and frustrating

Was just talking with clan mates in lobby when all the chat dissapeared and I could no longer type anything in cc or fc
I am getting really off with this runescape gold game to be honest.
If i cant even talk to my freinds in the bloody lobby, what the heck is going on with this game?

The lobby chat system was broken about 3-4 months ago too. They did fix it a few weeks later, though the NIS update has clearly broke it again 0_o

From what I can tell, it works fine when you first log into the lobby (before you log into a world), but if you’re logging out from the world and into the lobby, it fails to work properly. Perhaps a temporary solution would be to log out all the way to the login screen, then enter the lobby that way (haven’t tested it, but in theory, it should work).

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