RuneScape Achieved 200 Million Membership

200 million is a huge number. This is equivalent to the population of Brazil. Today, it is very close to RuneScape’s long and exciting history of the account has been created. Since the first RuneScape opened its doors, it has been over 10 years. During this time, they pass has over 2 million members. This is a huge milestone, and we made a big success for runescape congratulated.

runescape has launched a celebration website. In its honor, the schedule of all important events in the history of RuneScape. There are some adaptation of the real mind bending, video and some words from our team, and dedicated to the celebration of films by you, our fantastic player page infographic that.

We are very pleased to be able to shut down in such an exciting figure, but, of course, two million accounts refers to one million, millions of RuneScape stories, experiences and memories through the game, we are announcing today, we hope to be able to listen that many of them as possible!

You will find full details of the competition, including access to tips, such as entry terms and conditions of the competition, on the dedicated thread. If you want to know more news about runescape, go to we will certainly meet your needs, if your runescape gold is not enough,a lot of cheap of Rs Gold, welcome to visit our site.

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