Runescape for fight bosses in OSRS GWD of Tips

As a players-driven game developer, Jagex always make osrs players’ voices heard. Although God Wars Dungeon in osrs is based on the runescape GWD, the Coinshare or Lootshare, graves, and some of the stuff they were used to make some clear points haven’t be brought in. Some players are worrying about if the GWD in old school runescape will be the same successful as it in the runescape. What we want to say is that if there is something needed to be added in osrs GWD, it will not be so hard to let its developer know, and finally the problem can be solved.


Want to enjoy yourselves well in the upcoming old school runescape God Wars Dungeon? The first step we want to remind you is to watch the livestream of a multiplayer play through of GWD to get familiar with the new atmosphere there. Also, on Thursday at 5 p.m. BST you can make your doubts clear about the GWD in Jagex regular Q&A time and express your first impression of God Wars in old school runescape. At that time, you should grasp time to find the best site to buy 2007 rs gold for sale if you want to catch the first glimpse of the osrs GWD.

At the same time, osrs developer is still working hard to let the god wars dungeon in old school runescape much more attractive and playable than ever, the God Wars Baby Boss Pets will be your new helpers. When fighting with the bosses there, you can let those pets be your followers as well as partners.

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