RuneScape Guide:Cheap Way to 99 Summoning

o you like playing RuneScape ? Yes, but it will cost lots of money. Cost lots of money? No! Absolutely not. There is someone who summary a cheapest method for RuneScape fans.

By Zik

This method of getting 99 Summoning is far cheaper than the other method, but is by far much much much slower. The cheapest method of training Summoning involves the use of gold charm familiars only. If at any point in your Summoning training that you have a green, crimson, or blue charm,  use them on the best familiar of that type of charm possible.

¤ Levels 4 to 16 ¤

You should have level 4 Summoning from the experience reward in Wolf Whistle. From there, you should buy raw chickens from the GE and create dreadfowl pouches. You can also buy some raw chickens yourself from a store. A good spot would be the Canifis Meat Store, located a few steps north of the Canifis Bank, but you will have to have completed the Priest in Peril quest to gain access to Canifis. Another spot would be Oo’glog, where the meat store is just a few steps north of the bank, but requires the completion of the quest As a First Resort… Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 9 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and 1 raw chicken. Continue doing this until level 16 Summoning. It’ll take around 270 dreadfowl pouches to get there.

¤ Levels 16 to 52 ¤

You’ll be doing granite crabs this entire way, since spirit mosquitoes and bull ants’ secondary ingredient are somewhat rare and thus they are extremely expensive. That’s 5,600 granite crab pouches to be made until you are level 52 Summoning. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 7 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and 1 iron ore. You can mine the iron ores yourself if you would like to save even more money, and at about 30 Mining, you can get an iron ore with just one hit of the pickaxe, not to mention the rate at which iron ore respawns (very fast). If you don’t feel like mining 5,600 iron ores, you can buy them from the Grand Exchange for about 165gp an ore, which comes out to be 576,800gp in iron ores.

¤ Levels 52 to 66 ¤

At this point is where most people will stop training Summoning: level 52. It is an important milestone, because you now have access to the great spirit terrorbird. The spirit terrorbird is a beast of burden that can carry up to 12 of your items. In addition to that, its scroll restores your running energy, making it ideal for clue scrolls, quests, adventuring and exploring, and even at god wars, particularly Saradomin god wars. But enough with that, let’s get on with the leveling. You’ll be making spirit terrorbird pouches. Oh yes, they’re very cheap and good experience too, in addition to the uses I mentioned above. It’ll take about 5,500 spirit terrorbird pouches to get to level 66. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 12 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and 1 raw bird meat. You can raw bird meat at the Oo’Glog meat store, which requires completion of As a First Resort… for a small price. You can buy them on the GE as well, for about 402gp per, but it’ll save a lot of time.

¤ Levels 66 to 99 ¤

Barker toads all the way to 99! War tortoises require level 67 Summoning to create, but actually give less experience than the barker toad does. At level 71, you can make arctic bear pouches as well, but they are way too expensive to be worth it in this ‘cheap method’. It’ll be about 144,000 barker toads to get to level 99 this way. Yes, that is a lot of charms to get, but you wanted cheap, so that’s what you get. Each pouch requires 1 pouch, 11 spirit shards, 1 gold charm, and a swamp toad. Swamp toads can be collected in a small fenced in area west of the Grand Tree. There a ton of spawns there, but take a while to respawn. I would recommend using a high populated world while collecting these, so that they will spawn faster. Of course, you can buy all of them, which I highly recommend, at about 221gp a toad.

Hope this method will help you. Less money, Bigger fun!

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