Runescape mage and range need a berserk

We have level 90 weapons for all combat styles. The combat triangle is balanced right?

Unfortunately, Magic and Range Ultimates cannot begin to compare to the added dps gained by using Berserk. Basically, for any boss that take more than 30 seconds to kill (IE Nex, KK, and Vorago), The double damage that Berserk gives to your subsequent hits increases your damage by so much that range and mage cannot even compare in the long run.Runescape Money.This makes Tectonic useless as power armor because torva and drygores will still outhit you in any situation where it matters :/

The solution:
Give Mage and Range a Berserk equivalent or nerf Berserk (dont like that option tbh).

Let me give you an example.
All logic states that you should range Vorago. His melee attack hits everyone in melee distance, quickly using up the entire groups food. Mage attacks hit anyone around the target. Food conservation wise range is the way to go.
However, everybody Voragoing wants to get the drop, and the only way to be the one to get the drops is to Berserk every second that it is readily available and therefore you need melee.

Berserk is the reason everybody is meleeing a boss that logic tells them to range.

Take nex.
The only thing she dosnt pray against is magic. If every style had the same dps magic would be the obvious route, especially with the new level 90 power armor.
Yet everyone melees because you cant top the dps of berserk :/

This will make a huge step toward balancing the combat triangle Jagex, and it will fix your boss MCL so that it can actually be 5manned like it is supossed to be bump b/c this is important thats not really a nerf considering the only other damage boosting ultimate is 10%.

I just looked up the Abilities to check. Death’s Swiftness and Sunshine (Ultimates unlocked by The World Wakes) both boost damage by 50% for 10 seconds. Metamorphasis boosts damage by 50% for 20 seconds, and Berserk boosts damage by 100% for 20 seconds with a 50% incoming damage increase and 50% armor loss.

The easy fix is either to make Berserk only boost 50% and to increase the timer on the two World Wakes ultimates to 20 seconds, or to make the World Wakes ultimates boost 100% for 20 seconds. Either way you look at it, it makes no sense that Magic and Ranged get a smaller boost for a smaller amount of time.

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