Runescape Random Events Guide

There are many different Random Events in Runescape. They were originally invented to help stop the cheaters. Their levels are reasonable to the player that they are after, and they give plenty of time to get away. However, if you are using a macro, you have little to no chance of life. That was their idea as a solution to the problem, but of course as everything else, it has grown into other things. You might still see the occasional Rock Golem, Tree Spirit, or River Troll , every once in awhile.

Of course, now they have plain out Random Events rather than just when you’re using a skill. Some of the more common ones around Runescape are the frogs, the Freaky Forester, The Genie, The Sandwich Lady, and The Security Guard. There are a lot of different ones, but let’s start with these.

The Genie is a simple talk and get event, its one of my personal favorites. He will give you a magic lamp, which you can rub and get experience, points in the skill of your choice.

You use to be able to fight with the Swarm of Bees, but now all you can do is stand there taking their easy hits of 1 and 2, or of course just walk away. Grab the evil twin is a very fun Random Event, where you have to use a claw to choose the twin of Molly. You only get two tries, so choose carefully!

There are a lot more Random Events out there, like the rock that shoots out bubbles. If you keep mining it, the rock will blowup and your picaxe will break. Alternatively, the Whirlpool on fishing. If you keep fishing, your equipment will be sucked underwater.

I have found that Random Events are more likely to happen when you are doing something (mining, smithing, killing, and so on) then when you are just standing around. Of course, they do happen when you’re just standing, but they happen to me a lot more when I am doing something. Good luck out there, if you happen to meet the Evil Chicken, I would suggest Protection from Magic, as it uses Magic – instead of meelee. Happy Playing!

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