RuneScape Swept Away Quest Guide

The great news about RuneScape Swept Away is that it is no longer just for members only. This game was released especially so as you would expect there is lots of spooky action to be enjoyed. Your aim is to help a witch find special ingredients that she needs to add to her cauldron; if you take on this mission she will reward you with some of her potion. A fair exchange for this short and easy task and she will also give you a broom. You will find the witch, whose name is Maggie, in Draynor Village.


Skill: None
Quests: None
Difficulty: 1/5
Length: Short (10 – 30 mins)
Members only: F2P

RuneScape Swept Away

Maggie will send you to look for three other witches. Your first task will be to go to visit Hetty in Rimmington. You will find inside a house there; you will recognize her by the fact that she has a huge caldron full of green yuck. Before she will help you there is a mission you need to carry out for here; he wants a newt to add to her cauldron. You will find a trapdoor south of her house. There you will find somebody called Gus who has a problem with mislabeled crates; just examine the animals and re-label the crates – easy. You will be rewarded with a newt and when you take this back to Hetty she will give you a potion for your broom.

Next you will want to go speak with Betty who lives in Port Sarim. You will first need to speak to Lottie though and she will give you another animal related puzzle. This one is a bit harder than the last and you will need to pick creatures up one at a time and put them where they need to go. No two animals can be in the same area together and if you mess up they will run away and you will need to start over. You have to put the animals in the area that best suits them. Once you have done this you will find a chest containing a wand which you then take back to Betty.

Your next destination will be Draynor Village where you will want to find Aggie who teleports you to another location. She too will want some assistance before she is willing to help you. Your quest will be to create four triangles by removing lines of sand; fairly straight forward and you just need to sweep away a few of the lines. Once you have completed this task your broom will gain some magic and you then be teleported back to Draynor Village.

You are now ready to go back to Maggie and help her finish the potion in the cauldron. Once you begin talking to her she will allow you to stir the contents. You have now completed RuneScape Swept Away and you are ready to collect your reward. She will give you ten bowls of goulash which will increase your skill level ten-fold – not bad for such a relatively straightforward adventure.

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