Seismics worth it

At Nex the new wand and orb are king. If someone on your team (or a disrespectful crasher) has the combo they’ll most likely get every kill since there are a good amount of advantages of using mage over melee and ranged.runescape money.

At the kalphite king I wouldn’t think it’d be as worth it unless you 100% mage. Virtus wand hits almost every time on melee phase and the minions and seismic would just offer a little extra damage. If you also mage during mage and ranged phases though reckon it would help you hit more often.

Is it worth 1.3 billion coins ish? I don’t really believe so since there are a couple of much cheaper substitutes that work great. But if you have a lot of bank to just put into something like that I don’t see why not at the same time.

So, I’m planning on buying a Seismic Wand sometime in the near future. I got 2 questions:

1) Do you think its 500 acc bonus over a Virtus Wand justifies it’s astronomical price?
2) Is it worthwhile getting the wand if I can’t afford the orb on top of that and use a Virtus Book instead?

Much appreciate it.

Was mainly thinking of using it at Nex or the KK, as using it anywhere else would really just be a huge waste of repair costs since you won’t need that much accuracy.

a Vwand+Book will hit the exact same as Seismic and Singularity.

Slice crit base is ~1850 with drygores, do the same with wrack and Vwand+Book or any mage weapon you desire it’ll be ~1850 as long as your spell is level 90+.

The only purpose the new level 90 magic weapons have is accuracy, where at nex you do not need it, kalphite king you do not need it, and Vorago you do not need it. (Nex and KK because you do not miss on them with vwand/book) (Vorago because range is better in every aspect there if you are tanking).

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