Something About Driller Killing Skills in Runescape

Positively watch YouTube videos of Jagex’s latest project – the Keepers of Runescape picked the game up about a year ago and have been working with the original creators in-house since then – and it looks a bit like satire: those glorious Minecraft steppes and valleys are seen through the squint of iron-sights, blocks shatter under the impact of shotgun blasts, enemies tunnel in to the ground to escape incoming rockets, and mountains erupt from well-placed propinquity mines.

‘Minecraft with guns’ is the elevator pitch for Ace of Spades, and the elevator pitch is a bit weird, . Surely a major reason for Minecraft’s sweeping success with so lots of different sorts of players is that it didn’t come with guns in the first place?

Hold on, that all sounds lovely, actually – and it plays even better than it sounds. On a recent visit to the company’s Cambridge offices, Jagex staff might have bristled every time Notch’s modern classic came up in conversation, but the net team-based blaster they are putting runescape gold together has gained a lot from Minecraft’s sense of play and of possibility. tiny of that atmosphere is lost, it seems, when you throw in automatic weaponry.

First, get your mind out of the gutter. Second, think about how often you eat while watching TV, and how enjoyable it is. Don’t you wish you could do that in other games?

You might be thinking “What’s the big deal? There are tons of games I can play one handed.” True, but in those other games you sacrifice your skills in order to enjoy a delicious snack while playing. Try playing Starcraft 2 one handed and see how far you get.

Runescape needs no hot keys, no quick reactions and no skill. The most useful thing you can do with your left hand is spin the camera around to make it seem like you’re playing a cinematic and interesting game. You can actually be the absolute best Runescape player in the world, while eating a sandwich.

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