The Volcano plays an important part in Runescape

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The Karamja Volcano is a volcano located on Karamja, west of Musa Point. This Volcano houses a dungeon where the mighty dragon Elvarg lives, and its core houses the TzHaar city. The TzHaar City entrance was moved from the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon to the top of the volcano with the Update:TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework of 14 February 2012. There is also a passageway to the remains of the destroyed city-state of Crandor.

The Volcano appears to be dormant, as no recent activity has been noticed. This may also be because of the TzHaar living inside.The Volcano plays an important part in the Dragon Slayer and TokTz-Ket-Dill quests.

Many people come here to access the dungeon below, especially to attack the lesser demons. The dungeon also contains access to a resource dungeon that contains even more lesser demons; the resource dungeon requires level 25 Dungeoneering to enter.

Stiles can be found sitting at the south face of the volcano, and will readily trade the respective bank notes for raw or cooked swordfish, lobster and tuna. There is also a summoning obelisk at the summit of the volcano, and the top is also covered with many dead trees which can be cut to provide logs for cooking fish – a useful resource for fighters descending to do battle with the monsters below. In addition, level 20 scorpions patrol the area, making it a potential training ground for people seeking to raise their combat levels.

Imps appear more frequently on top of Karamja Volcano than elsewhere and in even greater numbers in the resource dungeon, making it a good place to stake out imps for champion scrolls and magic beads for the Imp Catcher quest and imp trapping.

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