They often chop some normal trees which can be only used to make fire

Some of people do not believe they can make loads of old school runescape gold through cutting trees. Because they often chop some normal trees which can be only used to make fire. So if your woodcutting level has got up to a certain high location, you may chop down yews for not less than 260gp old school runescape item. If you have chopped for many days or a long time and also you have get over 60 level in mining, you can go in the mining guild. The advantage of joining in this guild is for getting many good things or other treatments. If you lack some tools in battling, you can get them in your guild. When you are above the level 60, you can mine the coal and mithril ores. Then you can sell for 150gp old school runescape money each and the mithril ores for 500gp old school runescape gold each. So that is a big deal, you may get loads of money in a short time.

Sometimes, you can mine the steel which is also costly. When you mine them at the certain numbers of steel, you can collect them in your bank. Until you have lots of them and you take them to sell at the general store to gain much old school runescape money.
Alternately, you can smith these coal and ores into the mithril ores and then sell them for 1000gp old school runescape gold each. Now it is a exciting moment, you will be very close to millionaire, if you can keep doing it for days.

Then you now should get a brass key to go to barbarian village. Then you walk east to turn left when you reach a bridge. You will see a shack which you can open it with your key. After entering the door, you need go down the ladder. You kill the giants there to collect items that they drop, such as big bones, iron full helm and kite, and 3-300gp old school buy runescape gold. So it is really a happy time when you pick up those items. Now, just enjoy your game.

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