Tricks to Investment and Earn Profit in FUT 15

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We know the FIFA 15 UT Transfer market is equal to Search Gold Player, through several days’ research and practice, my asset value over 100% to this week, here I have some earn FIFA 15 Coins experience to share with you.

Investment Principles
A positive attitude!
Our goal is to resist FUT inflation, first hedge, then the value!
As you know FUT World is doomed to be inflation, and the proportion of inflation is much greater than the tax rate of 5%. So do not keep cash, only merchandise, when you need cash, the goods into cash at any time. For investment, the core of our discussion is “profit” rather than the market price (under the premise of without considering the tax rate, choose the most profitable goods).

Core View
To think of FUT Transfer market as the stock market, choose the security properties of commodity as stock trading. “Chemical Card” and “Location Card” is a good investment choices. It is very big risk for fry the player, and the high frequency of open card is not conducive to the hype.

There are 4 sections of FUT transfer market: Players, Consumables, Club Items, Staff.
Club Items and Staff belong to durable goods, low appreciation of space, not considered.
Players, believe many people still think that the main worth of investment is Players, personal do not deny this view, but you should know the same players will not to be saved in your club at the same time, that the quota of transfer market limits the investments, and the players with high prices, these are impact of the maximum conversion of your profitability.

Consumables, this is the best choose, the core reason it is the consumables, and not limit stored in your club, so in theory, no matter you have a number of coins can be converted into consumable.

Last, hope these can help you earn much coins in the game, first investment is very important. If you lack of the FIFA coins, can provide you with cheap fifa 15 coins safe and fast.

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