Unnerf the anchor

As a frequent user of the anchor i too have run into these issues. Despite this i refuse to relinquish it as a weapon commonly found in my arsenal. My adoration of the anchor and its former glory will be remembered and hopefully be returned one day to its rightful place on the throne of high tiered weapons synonymous with rs today!

I noticed the eoc has completely nerfed many weapons, one of them being the barrelchest anchor, which is now reduced to the equivalent of a r2h. I think it would be great if Jagex would unnerf the many weapons they’ve nerfed. If you don’t want to unnerf the anchor, then lower the price it costs to get one repaired, since it costs 6 times the price of a rune 2h. Just doesn’t make any sense to nerf a item as expensive as the anchor to equal a weapon that’s 38k.

Well, no need to say it to them like that my friend. I think asking them nicely is a much better way to get results than accusing them of ruining things. I’m sure the way they have it set up they thought to be the best way, but obviously certain items like the barrelchest anchor were unecessarily nerfed.

I’ll be keeping a list of supporters, from a list of 10 to 50 to 100 etc.

edit: to everyone who supports this thread, don’t let it die. the best way to show Jagex a change is wanted is to gain an increasing number of supporters.

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